Per 1 BNB from your Binance Smart Chain account you get 12.5 MUN tokens

Tokens purchased so far: 3,000 / 50,000 MUN

We just launched on the Binance Smart Chain and you can participate with your Metamask wallet.

> MUN Charged Collectibles

MUN asset MUN asset MUN asset MUN asset MUN asset

> Our goal is simple

To provide a platform for people to farm NFTs infused with MUN, our core token distributed fairly in an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

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> Non-Fungible and Fungible Combined

Stake MUN tokens to generate MUS. Then mint limited edition NFT cards by spending MUS + MUN tokens.

Each NFT card token contains redeemable MUN tokens inside, providing it with real value.

You generate 1 MUS per 1 MUN staked every day.

Anytime, you can destroy your cards to extract the MUN tokens inside or you can sell them on OpenSea.

Given that there's a 1% fee that goes to locked liquidity providers, there is buy presure to reward LPs over time, giving them a solid APY based on the token price, creating a highly-liquid pool for traders.

Card MUN Finance Card MUN Finance

> Tokenomics

Total supply: 69,000 MUN tokens

ILO hardcap: 4,000 BNB

ILO softcap: 1,000 BNB

Tokens to sell: 50,000 MUN

Price: 1 BNB = 12.5 MUN

Every token transfer has a 1% fee that goes to locked liquidity providers

> Token Sale

The token sale event will be what we call an ILO, an Initial Liquidity Offering which is a fair system to sell tokens where 50% of the funds raised will be used as liquidity.

Everyone is free to participate in the ILO, the purchase link will be on bounce.finance which is a popular token sale platform. All the participation details will be shared on our official telegram server: https://t.me/munfinance

The ILO will run for 30 days ending sooner if the goal is reached. Its purpose is to distribute tokens and create a super liquid marketcap.

A total of 50,000 MUN tokens will be sold with a goal of 4,000 BNB. The remaining 19,000 MUN will be given to the team members.